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We believe in using organic and cruelty free products. We take great pride knowing our products are not harmful and provides comfort to its users. We strive to share our passion for the simple things in life.

Are you aware most bar soaps are made using animal fat derivatives? Animal fat is a byproduct of the meat industry and is widely used in many products including; soap, crayons, wax paper and cosmetics. AM Harper Products are Handmade Organic Soaps that are completely homemade, free from animal products and all natural. All of our vegan soaps are free of harmful chemicals and is completely same for skin care use. Our handmade all natural soaps are made with natural cold press oils, organic shea butter, essential oils and other natural ingredients. Our vegan soaps are made with fats and oils of vegetable origin rather than from animals.

            AM Harper Products handmade all natural soaps are available in liquid and bar form. Our Vegan Soaps has long been used by our members of our own family and health conscious enthusiasts for many years. Our liquid soap is especially versatile and can be used on the hands, face, hair, body, bathroom sink and kitchen sinks, floors, dishes, laundry and anywhere liquid soap is used. The natural bath bombs are a popular favorite by the women in our family. The natural bath bombs come in multiple fragrances such as coconut, lavender, vanilla, sweat maple and rosemary just to name a few.

            We have been making handmade organic soaps, natural bath bombs and vegan soaps for our family for over 20 years. Our soaps work well with different skin types and the bars also works well for shaving. The unscented bar soaps, like the original black seed bar are often used by people with fine and thinning hair.

            All AM Harper Products are non GMO, Gluten free and never tested on animals. All AM Harper Products are vegan and can be used by everyone.
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